Is employee retention a problem ?

We understand that unless you have the right committed people in the right roles at the right time you can waste both time and money.   We help firms that want to develop their employer brand to attract and retain the best talent for their firm.

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Why employee retention is critical to your growth

Cost Saving

Reduces your recruitment cost by as much as 80%.  

Competitive Advantage

Provides protection against your reputation strengthening your employer brand.

Increase in Productivity

When employees feel valued, respected and included it leads to individual and company growth.  

Improves Client Relationships

When employees are engaged and committed your clients feel the difference.

Our Services

Employee retention analysis 

Is employee retention causing you to feel frustrated?  

We can put the smile back on your face by uncovering the problems that’s hindering your growth or damaging your employer brand.

We moderate focus groups and 1-2-1 interviews to help you make informed employee centric decisions.  After our analysis you will have rich qualitative data to help you identify culture gaps, offering valuable insights into how your people think and feel about their experience working at your firm.  

Our approach dives deeper than engagement surveys to ensure that you have complete peace of mind knowing that you are uncovering the real issues that matter to your people.   Our reports provide actionable recommendations with new perspectives and opportunities that might not have been apparent before.

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Engagement and pulse surveys

Does employee engagement make you feel overwhelmed?  

We take the pressure off you by managing the entire process.  

We design engagement and pulse surveys.  Questions are closed ended with predefined response options that can be measured and counted. We design our questions to measure the employee experience.

Pulse surveys are short, weekly or monthly surveys to measure how people feel in real time.  This is used to help you be better informed  on an ongoing basis. They help to identify issues before they become a major problem.

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How to measure your firms culture 

There's an old adage that says, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". The renowned management consultant, Peter Drucker, was a firm proponent of this philosophy.

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To merge or not to merge, we propose an answer

With the changes being wrought across the legal profession, many firms thinking strategically have been asking themselves, “Should we seek a merger, an acquisition be acquired or remain independent?”

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