How strong is your employer brand?

We help law firms transform how they attract and retain talent 

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The business case for a strong employer brand 

Cost Saving 

Reduces your recruitment cost by as much as 60%. Whilst also  Reducing attrition rates by 30%. 

Competitive Advantage 

Provides protection against reputation risk. Candidates consider an employers brand when looking for for a great place to work.

Increase in Productivity

Where employees have autonomy and believe in the firms purpose and values they tend to be more productive and motivated. 

Improves Client Relationships

When employees are engaged and committed to their work, they are more likely to prioritise the needs and expectations of clients.

We use employer branding to 

Attract and retain talent

Since the pandemic, the world has changed and people are taking a different approach on who, where and how they work. If you are experiencing low quantity and quality of applicants then you should consider developing your employer brand.  Take a read of our 14 page guide that provides practical tips you can implement today.

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Scale and grow

Competition is a fact of life for any business but for law firms and other professional services your people are your biggest asset. Outdated recruitment processes and; or limited competitive differentiation can hinder growth and increase your costs with little to no return.  Contact us today for a confidential chat to get your plans back on track.   

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Nurture and measure culture

Every company wants a great culture because it significantly contributes to attracting and retaining both employees and clients.  Individual elements such as trust in leadership or growth opportunities can cause people to talk negatively damaging your reputation in the market place.  Read our guide to begin the process of measuring what culture you have and why.

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Behind every difficulty there is an opportunity

Read our case study on how we transformed the employer brand of a medium size firm that enabled them to reduce their cost per hire by 30% whilst also improving the quality. 

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To merge or not to merge, we propose an answer 

70% of mergers fail because cultures weren't compatible.  Read our case study on how we helped a law firm prepare for a merger or acquisition. 

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