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At Thomas Telman we specialise in helping law firms firms attract and retain talent by transforming their employer brand.  As part of their strategy development, we assist with the essential elements of culture, values, practices, and behaviours to help businesses develop their Employer Value Propositions (EVPs).

The EVP is what the business offers in terms of incentives to its current and prospective employees in exchange for their talent, it becomes the narrative of the employer brand answering the question “Why should I work at this firm”? This creates a unique and persuasive employer brand that will help retain and attract talent.

From these foundations we also help firms create new recruitment strategies through the development of talent pools. This both widens the potential sources of recruitment as well as helping promote the business through several platforms that showcase the firm’s employee offering, values, and culture.

Thomas Telman have worked across the strategy development canvas with many professional service firms. We would love the opportunity to explore how we can help your business develop its own unique recruitment and retention solution that will help reduce financial costs and the time invested in recruitment while establishing a stand out employer brand. Your tomorrow starts today with Thomas Telman.

Transform how you attract and retain talent for a better ROI

We believe that law firms should place people over process.   We believe that engaged employees will commit and naturally work above and beyond to meet short- and long-term business goals.

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Our Values 

Truth - Strive to be honest, truthful with integrity and behave accordingly

Equality - We believe each of us is unique and has worth

Simplicity - Try to live simply, without avarice or greed 

Peace - Live a peaceful life through love, temperance, courage, justice and wisdom

Sustainability - We don't own the world or its natural resources and it is not ours to dispose of.  We aim to reduce, recycle, reuse, where we can

Our Journey

What we do

Launched services to help law firms transform their employer brand.


Andre recognised that firms needed more help with developing a better work place culture and attracting better quality talent. 

Frank Saxby joined as a director.


Andre began placing solicitors in private practice.

Our Team

Andre Thomas, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, is the driving force behind Thomas Telman. He is a regular contributor to the Law Society publication,  Managing for Success and is a speaker at conferences providing guidance on how firms can develop their employer brand for a better ROI. 

Frank Saxby, Director

Frank has been described as "conscientious" and "inciteful".  He has considerable experience and knowledge working as a Practice Director and Management Consultant.  He now offers his expertise improving people strategies, culture and profits. 

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