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How we work

The key priority is to gain a clear understanding of your desired outcomes. Our initial step involves speaking with you to grasp the issues you're facing and your expectations in terms of return on investment. Subsequently, we provide a "scope of work" document outlining specific objectives, methodologies, and timeframes.

We collaborate closely with you to develop an in-depth understanding of your practice, aiming to uncover the root causes of employee retention challenges. This comprehensive insight equips you to make informed decisions regarding your retention and recruitment strategies.

We compile our findings and analyses into a well-structured document, presenting our recommendations and customised solutions.

At the core of our approach is a commitment to exceptional customer service, guided by our guiding principle: "to treat others the way we want to be treated."

In all our research endeavours, we strictly adhere to ethical principles. This includes obtaining consent, safeguarding respondent anonymity and privacy, and employing secure methods for data protection and storage.

Why employee retention matters

The legal sector is experiencing heightened competition for top talent like never before. In the last 5 years  there has been a surge in demand for legal professionals, but the supply of such talent has dwindled. This necessitates a degree of creativity, especially for firms that may not be offering top-tier salaries. One way to harness this creativity is by formulating and implementing retention strategies and fostering a purpose-driven culture. Your distinct selling point lies in these elements, which cannot be easily replicated by your competitors.

Did you know?

  • The real cost of hiring a lawyer who is replacing a departed one is 100 - 150% of the basic salary - Ask for our cost calculator.
  • According to Gallup less than 25% of employees are engaged and 60% have quietly quit.
  • 68% of millennials and 54% Gen Z consider a firms employer brand before applying. 

What are the benefits of our employee retention analysis service?

  • You will have clarity on the root causes of employee retention
  • You will have a bespoke solution to address employee retention
  • It will help improve employee engagement  
  • It will help to strengthen your employer brand
  • It will help to reducing recruitment costs


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  • Employee retention analysis 

  • Employee engagement surveys 

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